FIXED: Save Event not working properly

The way the script is originally setup makes it that when the player loads the Save (after saving with the Menu system) they'll land on the Menu Scene, without any possibility to click B to resume (because we added the 'Removed Scripts for all button inputs' in the beginning).   

This problem was however fixed in the new versions I've uploaded. (helpful notes have been added in the template project on Actor 1, Map scene and Main Menu Scene.

Also the notes and step-by-step guide have been updated to be more clear about the usage of Variables when SAVING.

As always I've updated the step-by-step guide and also made available the template file you can open with GB Studio, and a ROM you can open with a emulator.


  • Added new Actor sprite;
  • Added new Item sprite;
  • Updated step-by-step to explain how Saving and Variables work;
  • Added Actor interaction to Load Save on Map Scene,
  • Fixed Saving issue;

Hugs and kisses from your pal tox


Menu Template for GB Studio 284 kB
Jun 06, 2019
ROM Play in browser
Jun 06, 2019 1 MB
Jun 06, 2019

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