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(on PC)(on Mobile)
MovementArrow KeysD-Pad
Place Portal AXSELECT
Place Portal BSHIFTB
To place portals first click either X or SHIFT, then select the direction in which you want to shot the portal-gun and shoot with either X or SHIFT.

The Portal will interact with any wall in this chamber. 

This is scripted and you must modify those wall limits if your scene/chamber is different. 

For example, in the template, the Right Wall is divided into two parts, the upper part, and the lower part. When shooting the Portal-Gun, the portal will move until colliding with any set X or Y value (that you set for the wall).

Includes first Test Chamber!

Feel free to use the assets. As long as you credit and not use them for commercial purposes.

Made to use with GB Studio.



Portal-Gun Template.zip 90 kB

Install instructions

To use the template:

Copy the zipped folder over to a directory in your computer, unzip and then open the 'Portal-Gun' folder. Open the .json file inside using GB Studio.

Development log


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do this on a real gaemboy!


it can be played on a real GameBoy already, the .gb file it exports allows for it!



Nice concept,

just one small thing to improve:

Making a Portal requires now the keys:

X -> arrow -> X

You should cut it down to:

X -> arrow

or better just make it shoot in the direction you are looking after pressing X

I gotcha'!

I made it like this because it was hard to position the player.

I just made a portal demake after weeks and weeks of working on my itch.io posted it at like 1 in the morning today and now I see this. It kinda hurts.

(1 edit) (+1)

However, your game featured a polished story, a good soundtrack and a large set of puzzles! 

Mine is just a template.

All I'm doing here is an opening a portal to this kind of gameplay to people interested in doing so with GB Studio!
edit: (credited your wonderful game as inspiration)


Sorry I over reacted the demo you made is really cool and impressive