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Very awesome so far.

The intro works great. And the story looks very promising.

Some mechanics are a little frustrating. Like it looks like I had to interact with the fast fans first to interact with the slow one. I ran to the slow one first given the visual clue of it being different than the other 2.

Also the unscrewing that required the right angle was a little odd. However if you keep using this mechanic of needing the right angle, it will be less odd the next time you encounter it.

I was exited, that the last scene hinted some game play like in 'FAR: lone sails'.

Not 100% sure you where going for this, but it would fit.

Thank you very much for your critique, and yes you are right, I was in a Far: Lone Sails mood ahaha, I'll try to fix it according to your suggestions on the next update I can manage!


Ayyy great stuff!

2 minute story so far but glad to see it works!!